What is Audiophile? Does is have any special relations to the modern devices in our world of sound nowadays? Many people don’t really know its meaning. That’s why today this article will show you the real meaning of .

I’m not a complicated person that’s why I will go directly to this problem. Of course I never want to mess up the definition of Audiophile and make this topic complicated and unclear. However, it has been a question for many people every day, every hour with dozens of questions when decided to select .

Definitions of Audiophile or Musicphile

No need to explain too much about this. Basically, Audiophile is a combination of Audio and phile or people who has a deep passion for music. Similar to Audiophile, Musicphile refers to people who love music as their cup of tea.

Do you know what does “phile” mean? Phile or phi, phillia, philic are common suffixes used to describe attraction, love or special obsession to something or someone. This suffix was from Philia – 1 of 4 Greece words that means love (others are eros, storge and agape).

The world of audio is very charming and complicated, therefore to find the best things for each individual, music players have to indicate themselves a certain style: he or she must know that which genres are the best for himself or herself.

In modern life, Audiophile is the term used to describe people who are in deeply love with music. Not only wise and interested in music, Audiophiles are also experts who always struggle and hunger for new ways to find out and complete their collection of sound device so as to make it perfect and flawless. That’s how they can satisfy their hobby. From a college professor to a worker who has to earn their living days to days, from a normal office worker to a driver – everyone can be an Audiophile, as long as they can show their love for music and sounds.

A decade ago till now, with the development of technology and economy, the world of Audiophiles expanded all over the world regardless of age, job… Gathering somewhere at weekends, they have many things to share, to learn and comment about good vinyl records, nice performances, new techniques or just the they’ve bought from a local stores and want to share to their buddies.

Everyone has to learn from the basics…

Most of Audiophiles begin with this from the passion when they were young. At that time, somebody just had the job and still had to think of their lives and their family so that they don’t have enough budgets to satisfy the love of music. However, with the undeniable beauty of music, those young guys still tried their best to make their dreams come true with just a second – hand low price music player just to play their beloved songs. To them, it was already a breakthrough to enter the fantasy world of music. They enjoy the music with their pure and touching souls, just like that.

They didn’t know much and didn’t care much about the real quality of the sound systems; therefore they just had a look at the commercial and bought them for sure without thinking too much about the products. They admired the words of advertisements like sound system with 6 mini speakers, thousands of watt productivity with 20 buttons for frequency changing (?)… Then there went the time, their experiences about music devices made them experts so they need a total upgrade for their collections. This is the time for much more investment for their real styles in playing music.

…How to make the differences

The world of audio is just like a fantasy land of imagination. You can do whatever you want with no limitations. So each Audiophile needs to know what to do with his or her collection and how he or she likes to listen to. You should answer some questions like: Which types of music are the best for you? You want to hear them out loud or just in normal volume? Real sounds or sounds with effects? From the answers, you can do your investment effectively and have your own opinion when seeing numerous of commercials from manufacturers and sellers.

If you don’t have your skill and spirit and don’t know what you need exactly, you might lose your money for… nothing. I’ve seen many people traded and sold their headphones, their speakers and amplifiers many times but still can’t find what they need. Each time like that, they have to add some money for the stores and people often call that “money for dumps”. Everyone has to lose some money to get smarter.

Actually, old and new sound devices on the market have their own reasons to exist. Manufacturers make them for their revenue, but how you decide to buy them is your right. Never trust the commercials, have your own opinions and ask for experiences from expert Audiophiles, that’s the shortest way to make you an Audiophile.

How to choose the Best Hair Clippers on Amazon

Choosing the on Amazon needs to be guided by a number of factors that you need to consider before you reach a satisfactory decision. The reason here is that if you don’t get the process right, you will definitely have a nasty experience when you end up buying clippers that are unable to meet your incubation needs.

The aim of this article is to furnish you with all the necessary understanding that you need so that you can make the best decision. This is because even though Amazon is a great site to shop, there are things that Amazon does and cannot do for you as a professional barber.

In addition, Amazon cannot make a decision for you because they don’t know your needs individual needs as a . That is why before you check out the best prices and users reviews that other barbers have posted, you need to sit down and evaluate your current and future clipper needs. That is why you need to read this article till the last word so that your shopping decision will give you desired returns for your money and efforts.

Attachment Guides

These are some of the most important tools that you will need to use as you meet the needs of your clients. You need to get clippers that have guides that are suited for the kind of client needs that you meet on a daily basis. That is why the market offers guides that range from 1/16” up to 1”. These ranges will enable you to handle different hair lengths based on the different styles that your customers need.

Clipper blades

Just like guide combs, clipper blades also come in different sizes and they range from between 0.2 mm and 13 mm .Another factor that you need to put into consideration is the quality if the blades. Some of the best clippers in the market come with excellent blades that have self-sharpening capabilities and such blades will save you the hassle of having to keep sharpening the clippers.

In addition, you need to go for blades that conduct less heat so that your customers can enjoy the entire shaving process. Lastly, you also need to look for the level of durability that the blades have. For instance, blades that are made of titanium are more durable.

Extra accessories

As you make your choose, you need to check and find out what the package contains. This is because many of the clippers we have in the market come with some extra accessories. Some of the accessories that you will find are combs, trimmers, cleaning brushes, comb guides, combs and blades oil. These tools will make your clipping job better without going back and shop for them separately.

Wet and dry options

As a barber, you encounter different types of hairs that need to be clipped when they are either wet or dry. This is an important consideration because there are some clippers that are designed to handle wet hair while others are best suited for clipping dry hair. You can go for a model or brand that has adjustable features where the clippers can handle both wet and dry hair.

Ease of maintenance

Maintenance is another factor that you need to have at the back of your mind as you shop for clippers on Amazon. Averagely, most clippers do not need complex maintenance procedures but good clippers should be easy to maintain. You will need to check out if the clippers you are settling for come with maintenance materials such as manuals, lubricants and brushes. This will make your maintenance work easier.

Ergonomic design

After factoring in everything, you need to look at how easy and comfortably you will be able to use the clippers. Make sure that the clippers are designed with a greater level of ease of use so that you don’t strain and stress your hands while working.

Emile Henry – Best Ceramic Cookware

Emile Henry ceramic cookware

Tradition and origin of the ceramic cookware Emile Henry

The kitchen cookware sets are made through the raw material remains on the Earth, in the ancestral tradition of potters. Adding technology is only for optimizing the product quality. This has improved the strength of the product compared to thermal and mechanical shock.
For over 150 years, the Burgundy pottery manufactures a wide variety of products.
In 2002, the company is recognized international standard guaranteeing a high level of quality and professionalism.
In 2005, and after several years of research, the first casseroles are launched. They are manufactured with the revolutionary ceramic supporting sources of intense heat.

The advantages of ceramic cookware Emile Henry

advantages of ceramic cookware Emile Henry
Ceramic cookware Emile Henry guarantees healthy cooking and quality.
• The ceramic range fits all types of fires, whether ceramic hobs, electric or gas.
The cookware also offers the possibility of cooking in the microwave oven or traditional
• Ceramic kitchen cookware is durable and easy to use. They do not scratch and also highly resistant to thermal shock and mechanical as the transition from freezer to oven. Easy to clean, they resist the dishwasher
• Practical and effective, ceramic products are 30% lighter than cast iron, could therefore easy to handle. Similarly, the ceramic keeps the heat of a flat 30% from melting due to its thermo-diffuser bottom.
Cooking is fresh and consistent with the refractory material.
• After studying the various kitchen cookwares, ceramic cookware stands out as a very healthy range for consumer health.
• Emile Henry brand has several best ceramic cookware sets which not only saves you money, but also makes you kitchen look more elegant.

Food safety with ceramic cookware

The Emile Henry cookware received certification through the California food compatibility test.

This range of cookware is developed to prevent metallization food .According to the French company; ceramic cookware includes 1,000 times less emissions of cadmium the limit authorized by the California standard and 100 times less lead.

So they emit a very small amount of lead and cadmium.

According Françoise Cambayrac analysis, ceramic cookware releases 15 times less Nickel in foods that for example aluminum pan, but also 4 times less Camium, 10 times less aluminum and almost 16 times less lead .This allows food not to be plated, and the consumer does not interfere despite her negative metal to the body.

Ceramic cookware is used to eat healthy

The ceramic cookware offers the possibility of a more balanced diet.

Moreover, they allow a slow and uniform heat distribution to the food and retain their flavor and color after cooking.

Through cooking with ceramic cookware, fruits and cooked vegetables are not oxidized. This preservation of antioxidants helps the body fight against aging and therefore the decline of the body.

It is not about the price, it is about your health, though the price of ceramic cookware is higher than any other cookware, in general, it is still worth a pay because of the out-standing advantages.

How to Choose a Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

Currently with the increasing in the numbers of types of the guitar, it’s so difficult for a beginner to choose an appropriate guitar at a low price and good quality. This is one of the concerning questions of many people. And to help to solve the above problem we would like to guide you how to buy a .

The first thing you should know is that the type of guitar depends entirely on your budget. The acoustic guitar has a lot of different prices, ranging from a few dozen dollar to several hundred dollar or even thousands dollar. If you’re a beginner, the guitar with a price under 100$ is good for you.

For starters, Acoustic Guitar price should range from 50$ to 150$ coming with basic accessories such as bags, keys, strings, tuner….

If you have a bigger budget, you can consider higher price Guitar models. These types of Guitar have the lowest price is usually $80. Avoid buying a guitar having too low price, faulty or has been repaired.

Compare prices and quality of the guitar?

As you know, the money that you spend on the guitar will always proportional to the quality of the guitar (except for a few special cases) Therefore, if you choose the higher-priced guitar you also need to know clearly you’re spending money on which things?

Which parts of an Acoustic Guitar should be checked for its quality?


Tonewoods significantly affect the price of the guitar. This is significantly true for high-priced Guitar (the better wood’s quality is, the better the sound’s quality is). Unlike the electrical guitar, the acoustic guitar’s sound heavily depends on the wood’s quality and luthier’s workmanship.

The back is the decisive factor of sound of the guitar, the back is often grafted by 2 or 3 pieces of wood of the same type or 3 pieces of wood of two different kinds of wood. The sound of the herd will be the sound mix of both types of wood. In that case, the sound of the guitar is the mix of the sound created by two types. Particularly for pressed wood which does not resonate well, but is very favourable for areas in which climate varies with high level of humidity.

In addition, the wood which is used to make parts of the soundboard or “top” usually affects a certain tone of the guitar. This is the piece of wood on the front of the guitar. The Soundboard is the main part resonates because it is the part which is attached directly to the wire through the bridge. You need to pay high attention to the quality of wood at this position to get a good acoustic guitar.

Tuning pegs

These parts are posts to help adjust strings of the Guitar. Raising or lowering the pitch depends on the high or low altitude changed by rotating the posts. Turning pegs are important parts that you need to checking to gain a good acoustic guitar. This part should be flexible, not too slippery, but absolutely not jammed, stiff or hard to adjust.


The neck often made by hardwood to help bear the tension of the strings. Depending on the wood type of neck, the sound of the guitar may be different. you should carefully check to ensure the neck is not bent.


The types of wood of the fretboard are usually made of hardwood. On the fretboard surface are metal bars helping separate the frets. Materials for the fretboard do not affect the sound of acoustic guitar, but that affects the aesthetics and durability. There for this is the important part that you need to double check to gain a best quality acoustic guitar.


helps keep the strings attached firmly to the body of the guitar. When strings strummed, vibrations are created along the neck of the guitar from the bridge to the head. There are various types of bridge: plastic, wood, horn, bone. Therefore, high-priced guitar would have a bridge made of horn or bone. The most of low-priced guitars have a bridge made of plastic or wood.

Luthier’s workmanship

Besides design quality, the skills of luthiers are also important factors deciding the cost of a guitar. This is one indispensable factor in the process making a guitar. If you have a bunch of good timber, with a skilled luthier… but the toolset of the luthier is not enough, then you can only have a guitar at the medium quality. Therefore along with high qualified luthiers, good technology will create a best acoustic guitar.

Which price of an acoustic guitar is best appropriate for beginners?

As mentioned at the beginning, you can find various different types of guitar with the cost ranging from $50 to $1000, but the most important thing is the quality of wood creating the guitar and skilled luthiers.

If you’re not sure, you should not be risky to spend a lot of money on a famous brand. Guitar with price ranging from $ 50 to $100 is a good choice for beginners.

Here are our overview on how to buy a best acoustic guitar for beginners. Hope that through this post players can find out the way to choose the best acoustic guitar for themselves.

How to Deal With Small Living Room

We all know that there are many things that we want but we can’t get. Maybe it’s the you can find on the Internet but you can’t afford, or a cute little pet from the pet shop near your house. You just really love it but don’t have enough time or money for it. So does your house. I know that everyone loves a big house with perfect design and condition. But life is not easy for everyone. Someone just have enough money to buy a little house with small rooms, and of course, they are not happy at all. I can’t show you how to make your room bigger immediately, but I know how to handle with a small living room by some tips and tricks below. Trust me; you can save time and money to do anything else you want after reading this.

  1. Try to use the light as much as you can

Utilize the light from as many sources as you can to help the room seem bigger than it actually does. You should choose the white or light colors sources. Besides, you can decorate the window as simple as possible so that it won’t prevent the light from outside the house.

For example, the high window from the ceiling to the floor with the curtains on both sides help the light from outside the room can get it more effectively. Moreover, the theme of the room is the combination of white and light blue that reflex the light effectively. The light usage is one of the most effective methods for the room size illusion.

  1. Using multi-functional furniture

You can use many that can be the replacement for other stuffs, so that you don’t have to put to many objects into a small and narrow place. For example, if your living room floor doesn’t large, you can use a small table with chairs that can used for 3 purposes: dining room, working room and living room. Or you can use some table with drawer underneath to be an additional place to keep other things.

  1. Using cushion chairs or bench instead of living room table.

You don’t have to use a table for your living room if it’s too large or the traffic in the room is interrupted. Instead, try using cushion chairs or long benches. These appliances are quite good in room decoration and also save the area inside your house. In addition, the benches and chairs have many styles for you to choose.

  1. Clear entrance for your room

One thing you would notice for sure if you want to improve the size of your living room is the way you arrange your entrance in your room and how to make your main area clear. If the entrance has many objects in its way, it would make your living room look small that it actually is.

  1. Using big mirror

It’s also an effective way for you to “cheat” about the size of living room. Basically, you can apply it for any room you want, from living room, bedroom to bathroom… A big mirror can decorate the living room for sure, and also help the room seems to be doubled in size.

In fact, large mirror can be used, but you have to make sure that the mirror is cleaned regularly. If the mirror is cover with dust, it would be a disaster for your room. Moreover, nothing can compare with a big dirty mirror in annoying guests. I’m sure that you don’t want your guests to see themselves in this mirror.

You can do more than just put the mirror on the wall. With the help of some designers, your small room could be a masterpiece thanks to some adjustments for some positive changes. You can do it on your own or have some advices from the experts. Just make sure that your living room is cleaned and tidied all the time so that it would not turn into a mess. No matter how big your living room is, you can still make it the best room in your house so far. Finally, if you want any additional furniture, visit our blog, we have all you need just right here!

Is Music Called an Exercise?

The Secret Thing to Energize People

Nowadays, aerobic becomes a kind of popular workout of many generations in the world. Through this exercise, music contributes to give enthusiasm and vitality to people. If you are the person who wants to reduce your weight in fast way, it would be the great chance for you to choose this solution. Generally, there is a common thought in people who do not stay in shape. Thanks to many , a lot of gyms owners choose the best device to attract your ears by the highest quality of sounds. Additionally, getting along with the relaxation of enjoying your infatuated collection of songs, there are various benefits of listening to music that we expected to receive.

People Should Bring Music into Their Daily Life

You might know this, but once again, my suggestion to help your life full of energy is the musical enjoyment. According to many researches, people who are exposing to music usually get more motivation and productive working. Interestingly, this “exercise” plays an efficiently reducing distractor function. In other words, it raises our focus on working. Doing the things with high concentration is the productive way to achieve our wish.

Is It a Genius Idea If Working Out and Listening To Music at the Same Time?

Another reason I recommend is that trying to do exercises regularly often becomes a strict hurdle in most of people’s busy life. The simple solution for that is getting your working out exposes to your favorite tunes. At the result, I am totally sure to say that it will never become boring even a little. By enjoying your songs, it would not be repetitively boring tasks. All drawbacks in life will be changed into the stimulant challenges attract your concentration.

Music Is a Magic Tool Help You Go Closer to Success

No matter how hard the problems you stuck in, your mentality and physique would be actively refreshed in brand new ways. Keeping the great condition might help you achieve all goal of your accomplishment. To do so, the crucial thing is to create a good condition of works with relaxation of beautiful tunes. Many record player reviews would be your perfect counselor for you to select the best device producing the favorite music.

Music Brings Enthusiasm to Your Emotion

It cannot be refused that music and innovations go together. A good tune will pour passion in your current motions and tend to involved workout. To be more exact, listening to the agreeably composed music stimulates our heart, lungs, and blood flow work well. Furthermore, a good physical development will lead to a mental improvement too. In 1952, one of the study at that time found an interesting result that breathing rate will be grown up while exposing to jazz music and go normally right after the music stopped. In other words, a person who is exposed to music often has various positive effects on heart rate, breathing, appearance and your emotion as well.

The Rate of Music Affects to Brainwaves and Heart Rate

The 1977 period of time saw an unsurprising result provided by many researchers. According to the result, heart rate relatively followed the rhythm of music. The heart rate would increase or decrease depending on the tempo of music they exposed to. It means that slow music and fast music have effects on the rate of man’s heart. Moreover, brainwaves are another factor which is affected by the rate of music. Our brain would look for a brainwave that has a suitable rate with the producing music. However, whatever dance, jazz, or rock you choose, it is good for our health if it fits your favorite.

In Summary

In spite of the unclear link between listening to appropriate music and doing exercises, the crucial thing is whether it is good for us. Creating a good habit in enjoying music in daily routine is the great thing we should do to make a wonderful life and pull you closer to success as you desire. To get the best benefits, rely on record player reviews to know exactly which one is appropriate you most. Because of the quality of producing music devices, we also are able to realize how gorgeous songs are.

Personally, I totally believe in these results. Besides, I am establishing the nice habit in listening to my songs in daily.

Choosing Tips of the best vacuum sealer


Foodsaver vaccum sealer is the best food saver and keeping it fresh for long time, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh. This is one of the best and most essential kitchen tools in the modern days. But, vacuum sealer might not be a good product you’ll uncover in many cooking areas, even though it’s quickly building ground as being a typical purchase. Just in case you’re unacquainted with vacuum sealers, they are helpful items which will peak just a little much like versions, as well as basically they’ll normally carry out the totally unique carry out. They make sure you have a particular type of inexpensive situation. A person provides in the dinner you need to maintain, as well as the vacuum sealer pulls the environment out of the inexpensive situation, as well as finalizes them inside.

Choosing tips, the best one

  • You would really like the specific vacuum packaging product you get to do a superb job creating a greatest close-up that will not necessarily allow any type of environment directly into your present totes.
  • Your suction is going to be exactly what leads to the specific vacuum. Susceptible suction will not create the greatest vacuum.
  • Any type of environment pockets which will become involved will most likely give up the specific secure methods within your foodstuff and permit form and various organisms to create this via.
  • Just in case, you’ll be while using providers associated with cup jars, the specific design which will odor need is actually most appropriate concerning secure methods elements.
  • Machine sealers are usually great not only concerning house make use of, but, in addition, holiday as well as outside hiking.
  • The most effective vacuum sealer concerning along with visitor is going to be scaled-down as well as transportable to be able to put it to use away from home. Transportable variations are usually great because of this.
  • There really are a couple of methods may vacuum sealers is generally powered. Your own well-developed sellers permit you to make use of unique situation widths, nevertheless, the actual down and up kinds are usually far better-concerning make use of as well as liquids as well as canning applications.
  • It’s not all vacuum sealers are made with regard to storage containers as well as jars, consequently whenever that is definitely imperative that you a person, this is a function to verify concerning prior to deciding to create a purchase.
  • One of the better vacuum sealers contains much more functions concerning comfort and ease.
  • These types of can sometimes include the situation used the vinyl cutter, hard disk concerning totes, multispeed hanging, or perhaps a function to find the specific flood associated with melted.
  • Several are usually risk-free. Many of the more expensive products contain additional functions ideal for the specific closing associated with products apart from foodstuff. Maintenance as well as manufacturer’s guarantee.

Lastly, you can maintain the food for approximately a number of circumstances prolonged when compared with regular ledge residing. Device covered foodstuff doesn’t go through marketing campaign results associated with deep freeze chillier burn-off. Additionally, vacuum covered foodstuff is easier as well as quicker to organize when you are prepared to eat.

Wilderness TRUCK Camping

Preparing Your 4×4 Backpack

WHEN MAN FIRST SET FOOT ON TERRA FIRMA, he was a camper (not by choice), living in the great outdoors. Ancient civilizations also existed in harmony alongside nature, with very little in terms of luxuries. Only recently has technology given us heat, air-conditioning, electricity, and all the other amenities of the 20th century.

With the plushness of present-day living, still we lust to get back to the great outdoors. Something about camping in the wilds and hunting or fishing for one’s dinner satisfies an ancient desire that dwells deep within us.

Most of us also remember our early excursions into the backcountry. Helping Dad set up the 50-pound canvas tent usually took up the better part of the afternoon and involved lots of colorful language. Hoping that the lantern didn’t explode and burn the tent down made the night go by faster.

Tips: The champion in easy setup tent is COLEMAN INSTANT TENT. Their Instant Tents is one of the best of , setup and tear down in close to a minute, but very small & light in packing.

Those days are all part of the past. The technology that we try to escape by running to the woods has finally filtered down to the world of camping, giving us gear that is easier than ever to use. The popularity of the four-wheel-drive truck and sport/utility vehicle has also encouraged the camping world to make products for these vehicles.

Gimme Shelter!

The first task when venturing out into the boonies is finding shelter. In the old days, you had two options: the cab of your pickup or the bed, neither of which provided much in terms of comfort. Today, pickups and SUVs are top sellers, and most are used for recreational purposes. It’s no wonder that there is now a host of options available for the truck-based camper.

When deciding what type of shelter to use, the most important factor is how much nature you want to experience. For some of us, roughing it involves little more than a sleeping bag and a tent, while other a require a 40-foot RV. Camping out of the beck of your truck or SUV will never provide all the comforts of an RV, but it will keep you out of the elements. Let’s look at the options.

What to Do Before You Go

OK, all the gear is packed and you have triple-checked to make sure that nothing was forgotten. So what else should you do before you go? Well, does someone know where you are going to be? Does your spare tire hold air, and is it the right size? While questions like these seem basic, they are often overlooked in the hurry to get outdoors. Knowing the answers to questions like these will help to make your journey into the bush a pleasant one.

Before leaving the driveway or getting too far from help, all fluid levels should be checked. Also, make sure to pack spare fluids. Look over your vehicle carefully for anything that might be mechanically suspect. If something looks questionable, do not go!

Always inform someone where you are going and when you plan to return. Draw a detailed map to your campsite. If you should have any problems, this makes search-and-rescue efforts much easier.

Make sure that the spare on your vehicle is in good shape. Many new trucks and SUVs also use a crank system to lower the spare from underneath the vehicle. These systems need to be inspected to make sure they still operate and are not clogged with mud or rusted shut. If you have a lock on your spare, make sure to take the key.

Whenever possible, travel with another vehicle. Using the buddy system will definitely help if one vehicle becomes stuck or encounters mechanical problems.

What to Bring?

It may sound like a simple question, but we have seen lots of people come ill-prepared for the wilderness. Some of us have lost our connection to our outdoor ancestors and have simply forgotten how to prepare for an excursion in the wild. Most of us can get the basics like food and shelter taken care of, but what else should be taken? Mother Nature is highly unpredictable, so one should always be prepared for the worst. Relying on a vehicle to get you to desolation and back also means extra equipment.

Don’t always trust the weatherman. Freak storms do happen, and can lead to an early grave for the unprepared. Always pack some warm clothing and extra blankets just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.

A GPS unit, such as this in-vehicle system from Alpine, should be considered mandatory equipment. Getting lost and losing one’s bearings in the middle of nowhere can be deadly. If you plan to stray far from camp on foot, a handheld unit would be a good idea.

Spare parts are always a must when traveling Into the backcountry. At the very least you should have a spare tire, hoses, and belts for your vehicle. The more spare parts the better, but don’t waste space by packing useless items, such as a spare glovebox. Offroad racers pack pit boxes (basically storage containers) with every spare part available and then throw these in the back of their vehicles.

One often-overlooked item is a well-equipped first-aid kit. It can literally be a lifesaver when something goes wrong far from help. People with medical conditions-such as allergies or asthma-should always bring plenty of medicine.

Recovery equipment is also a must. A shovel, a jack, and a tow strap should be considered the bare minimum. If you are straying far from civilization by yourself, consider adding a winch to your vehicle.

The Sportz Truck Tent is cool because it is designed for the bed of your truck. It also sets up easily and keeps you out of reach of earthbound critters and snakes. In a compact shortbed, it is a little cozy for two inhabitants.

Bed shells have been around for a long time and make a decent shelter. The only downside is that all the gear stored in the bed must be moved and put somewhere else in order to sleep in the bed.

Pop-up tent trailers are a good choice for owners of smaller vehicles, such as Jeeps, with little room for tents and such. A trailer that is designed to go off-road, such as this Back Country U.S.A. model, is a plus.

Sport/utility owners can also enjoy the great outdoors. Two common styles of best camping tents for these vehicles are the roof tent (cabin tent) and the cargo-bay extender. The roof tent makes it possible to store all your gear inside the vehicle while sleeping on the roof. The cargo-bay extender allows you to sleep in the back of your SUV with the tailgate down without being exposed to the elements.

If you absolutely must bring some of the luxuries of home with you, a camper is the way to go. The drawback to a camper is the extra weight up high, which makes a vehicle top-heavy and limits exploration.

What are The Best Pressure Cooker Brands?

The pressure cooker has a lot of features and benefits that will really help the housewives in cooking and serving food for the family and friends. If you are still in doubt of getting a best pressure cooker, here are its general features to guide you. These reviews will help you determine what kind of pressure cookers to get and what are the best pressure cooker brands?

Presto Pressure CookerPresto is another brand of pressure cooker which is good for cooking. This is a perfect choice that will help you in cooking tasteful dishes. There are lots of pressure cookers which you can buy under this brand name. In fact, the company offers great products and exceptional services to all customers for more benefits. In the world of industry, Presto aims to satisfy the needs and wants of the majority. So, they ensure that all their finished products in terms of gadgets and technologies will be of high quality. For more details and information about their pressure cookers and services, you may take a look at some specific products reviews and be able to explore the best features about their offers.

Many people tend to purchase this kind of pressure cooker since it provides great benefits to them. They were aided to cook palatable and delicious gourmet and some extra foods for appetizers. Because of these great benefits, this pressure cooker is documented as one of the best pressure cooker in the circulation. In fact, it receives an average rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Kuhn Rikon Pressure CookerKuhn Rikon has achieved its popularity because of their eagerness and perseverance to render good services and provides quality pressure cookers to all customers. As of this time, there are so many people who are highly satisfied with the performance level of the pressure cookers that they have produced. Because of this, the company name has already established their good reputation through online and offline basis. There are numerous pressure cookers under this brand name that are perfect for your cooking. Some of these pressure cookers can be used as dual purpose. So, you can have a great guarantee that you can gain more benefits. If you want to buy any kind of pressure cooker under their brand name, then you need to know first remarkable attributes that they offer. For more information about their best deals and offer in the marketplace, look for some reviews that may provide you reliable pieces of information.

Picking the Best Pressure Cooker

All in all, please choose the best pressure cooker if you want to really want to serve delicious and meatiest food in parties and gatherings. You are completely safe by the temperature and pressure will be controlled because you can easily do that with the remote controls or LED display.

So what are you waiting for? Why other people can buy the best pressure cooker while you are not. Get today’s pressure cooker and we hope that this article will help you in that decision for better cooking in the future.

Power Golf The simple Way

Power golf is really a game not many golfers may play. The reason by which is power golf requires a certain degree of golf particular strength as well as flexibility. There tend to be requirements that need to be in spot to maximize your own power as well as golf generating distance.
It’s less easy as obtaining the ‘latest-greatest’ car owner at $500. It’s not really buying Titlist ProV1’s from $45 an instance. It’s not really taking much more lessons (even though swing mechanics are extremely important).

Leupold gx-1i digital rangefinder

The solution is enhanced strength as well as flexibility from the rotational standpoint in your own core to play an electrical golf game. Moreover there is a little relation between the best golf rangefinder and power golf.
The swing action is the turn (turn back) along with a turn (turn through). If you will find limitations which don’t permit you to rotate back again fully as well as store which torque (power), then you won’t ever play an electrical golf online game. I detest seeming harsh; however it’s the actual truth plain-and-simple.

Do a person currently seem like you may make a complete backswing along with max torque inside your core region? I imply a 90+ level shoulder change with simply a forty five degree stylish turn…and along with both heels on the floor?


If a person can’t do you believe hitting much more balls may be the answer? Or even taking much more lessons? I really hope not! It’s about moving away from the program and performing some easy golf workouts and extends that won’t actually take 20 min’s to do…a few times per week.

No fitness center! No extravagant equipment! Just do easy exercises in your house with minimum equipment. You don’t need to get overwhelmed considering it’s the gut-busting, exhausted workout.

Although when you receive a flavor of exactly what being ‘fit’ seems like its nearly addicting. It’s such as the ‘runners high’. You begin looking a small better but getting more power. Now you are experiencing less pains and aches. And on top of that! You’re eliminating the golf ball long as well as straight!

Every exercise you need to do to produce a power round of golf should be centered on core rotational workouts. It’s simple! Get inside your golf position and grab just one or even bag associated with sugar. Now help to make partial swings staying inside your posture with regard to 20-30 shifts. There’s one easy and easy-to-implement rotational physical exercise.
I’ll bet you are able to handle those certain.

How bad would you like to play “power golfing?” Exactly how bad would you like to be the actual ‘last golfer’ hitting your 2nd shot to the green? How bad would you like all your own golfing buddies to stay the pros hop following the round referring to one of the LONG hard disks? Start applying exercises such as the above instance and you’re 1 step nearer to playing energy golf! For more details read the and you may learn a lot about power golf.

Where to Look for the Right Weed Eater Parts

In the event where your weed eater breaks down and requires a new part, you don’t necessarily have to buy a new unit. In fact, you can find several places where you can buy the best cordless weed eater parts which often come in very affordable prices depending on which part requires a replacement. Buying replacement parts for your weed eater will allow you to save a lot more cash compared to buying a brand new unit. Other than that, it allows you to get the most out of your weed eating machine.

You can find several places which sell new parts for your weed eater. Typically, the most obvious place which you should start looking for is the retail store from where you purchased your unit, or the manufacturer themselves. However, there are some cases wherein they can offer you a limited selection of parts for your weed eater. With that, it is advisable to take a look at these choices first. – This is an online store which is dedicated toselling various parts and products for cordless weed eaters. This site basically offers a lot of advantages for the shoppers. eReplacement is simply one of the best places online if you are to look for new parts for your weed eater.

Amazon – Amazon is without doubt the largest online retailer, and you can find most of the items which you need for your weed eater right in this site. Other than that, they even include those retailers whom they have worked with which might have the parts you’re looking for at very affordable prices.

Sears - Sears have already expanded their services to online stores, making it a lot easier for you to choose the right parts for your weed eater. They offer very competitive prices, but you can surely find most of the parts you need. If you are looking for a store which you can surely rely on, then Sears is certainly the one you should consider.

Home Depot - Home Depot might not be the best place to look for weed eater parts, but they are a very popular retail store which offer the weed eater product and might have the parts you are looking for. They have excellent service and you can even ship your parts over in case you have one within your neighborhood.

What weed eater parts you should buy

The next thing you should consider is whether you should buy new parts or used ones. New parts are always preferable than a used part as it is much farther away from breaking down. Meanwhile, used parts are already exposed to wear and tear and might even have faults which you can’t notice until buying and installing it on your machine. What’s even worse is that if a moving part malfunctions, it could only cause further damage to your weed eater, or perhaps put you at risk. When it comes to parts replacement, make sure you get new ones to ensure maximum safety and performance.

How to Get The Gear For Fishing

Obtain a fishing license:

If you want to save money and you are not planning to fish all the season, you can choose to get the permit of short term and vice versa.

You should check the legislation in the states of your choice because many states allow the kids whose age under 16 to fish without a license.

It’s advisable to always ask the Department of Natural resources in the place for the permission in the days of free fishing when anyone can fish without a licence.

Choose the rod and reel:


Based on your economic condition, you should purchase the suitable fishing reel and the fact is that you don’t need a very expensive one to enjoy fishing. If you fish for the first time, you should ask for help from some experienced people and the owner of the fishing shop.

For ones that just start to fish at the fist time, a pole of medium length is most suitable. About the rod, the weight of it must make your arm comfortable even fishing for hours. Some good experience is that you should choose the quite loose rod if you are a beginner because it’s more flexible, less probability of breaking the line and strong enough for catching medium-sized fish.

You should choose a fishing reel between the two most common ones, the spinning reels and the baitcasting reels, whether it spool vertically or perpendicularly when you hold. For the beginners, choosing a best spinning reel is advisable because it’s easier to deal with and diverse with several models available, both closed and open varieties. For the beginner, closed varieties is the best.

Choose the suitable line and hook:

If you want to increase the chance of biting of the fish, you should choose the small hook and line. The kind of the line must be appropriate to the kind of pole. If the pole is rigid, the line must be strong tested and vice versa.

The kind of fish that you intend to catch will determine the type of hooks you should use. The fishing shop that supply you the equipment will tell you the best advice, so don’t hesitate to ask.

A small line and hook can be difficult for you to make a knot. If so, ask the owner of the shop for help and the experience to do the job.

Choose the right bait for the kind of fish:


There are several kinds of baits for you to choose, whether synthetic or live baits that you can purchase at fishing shops here and there or you can make it yourself. For example, you can find such live baits as cheese, worms, grasshoppers, bacon, shrimp,etc. You should imitate the natural environment of the bait for keeping it fresh as long as possible.

Prepare the container for keeping fish:


Don’t forget to prepare a bucket , basket, a bag or something like that to contain the fish you earn whiling continuing to fish.

Ceiling Fan Fundamentals

Ceiling fans are a standard requirement for the summer period. There are certain things that have to be remembered while .

To start with, it is quite important to decide on the best size of fan, based on the space measurements. Blade span of a ceiling fan ranges from 29″ to 54″. The area where the ceiling fan is to mounted need to be assessed. To learn how to install ceiling fan, you can visit Lightning Ceiling Fans. Right here are particular recommended fan dimensions according to space measurements.


Mounting Systems

It is recommended that the ceiling fan be installed in the center of the space. It needs to be around seven feet from the ground and also concerning 18″ from the walls. If it is possible, install the fan at the height of 8 to 9 feet from the ground.

Criterion Mount: This is a 3 to five inch down pole (a steel pipeline that reaches to the best of the fan from the ceiling). The dimension of the down pole is typically in between 1.5″ to 3/4″.

Prolonged Mount: This is utilized to hang the fan at an 8 to 9 foot elevation from the flooring if desired. These down poles are available in concerning 6 to 120 inches. Ask the manufacture to determine the appropriate dimension of down rods according to your need.

Flush Mount: This anchors the fan right to the ceiling. Typically, a basic fan can additionally be utilized as a flush mount; however still, “hugger” or “low profile” ceiling fans are available for the function.

Sloped Mount: This is made use of for domed or tilted ceilings.

Damp or Damp Rating

When installing a ceiling fan in a bathroom or various other moist locations, it is suggested to opt for a fan that is UL “damp” ranked. When installing fans in an outdoor patio or front porch, try to find a “wet” rating, as they are subjected to water.

All the elements of the fan with each other have an effect on the working of the fan as well as hence define the efficiency of the fan.

Other Components

Motor: There are 2 kinds of electric motors; one that is closed and lubed, as well as an additional with oil round bearings. There is minimal requirement of upkeep to the electric motors with covered bearings, while electric motors with an oil bathroom require regular oiling.

Motor Housing: This is the ornamental part of the fan, which borders the fan electric motor. Fans with bigger materials are most likely to induce less resonance. This likewise supplies even more stability to fans with longer down rods.

Various other functions that guarantee longevity comprise of durable windings, exact engineering bearings as well as shock-absorbency. These functions are normally located in the costly ceiling fans.

Blades: The angle of the cutters of a fan is called pitch. It is established in degrees. Blades with greater pitches relocate more air that is given in cubic feet each min. It is exclusively not liable for the air movement. Other elements like electric motor style and also rate, cutter layout, and various others impact the quantity of air movement.

To give range in layout, manufacturers offer a large range of cutter styles in different models. Changing the cutter design could negatively have an effect on the fan’s efficiency.

Top 4 Pressure Cookers You Must Check

Electric pressure cooker offers a world of convenience to any cooking enthusiast. Just imagine it. You can take them anywhere, so you can easily enjoy your favorite burgers and barbecues in kitchen, as well as on tailgating and block parties. Digital Rice Cooker is generally small enough to move easily around your deck or patio to a well-ventilated corner of your kitchen if you want grilled food all year-round. The compact make of these pressure cooker usually mean you can store them away without any difficulty when you’re not using them. And, most importantly, these pressure cookers can cook well despite their size and relatively limited power.

West Bend 6-Quart Stainless Pressure Cooker

West Bend 6-Quart Stainless Pressure Cooker Image

Power, versatility, multi-functionality, everything can be found within this powerful and unique pressure cooker. If you look at it point by point, there are a lot of patented features that can only be found within this device which are also the ones that caused this to rise in the market. All of these features will work exceptionally, and it should, as this doesn’t come with a cheap price.

It is installed with the usual stuff that you will find in most pressure cooker in the market like its individual burner control for its 3 burner platform. A mounted temperature gauge is also present which monitors the temperature inside the pressure cooker. Generally, it works nearly the same as most pressure cooker you can find but with the addition of features that makes this unique and stand out from most of the products in the market.

One of which is its , a simple concept which solves most of the problems of your average pressure cooker. These are simply triangulated heat propagating bars placed just above the burners of the pressure cooker. Moreover, it rather vaporizes these grease drippings turning them into its gas state to soak them back to your products, thus not wasting any flavor. The innovative design that solves grease problems guarantees to prevent clogging of burners for long term use without the need of repair or continuous maintenance for lesser expenses and non-stop and uninterrupted performance.

Power XL Flavor Infusion Technology 6-Quart

XL Flavor Infusion Technology 6-Quart ImageIf you’re looking for , Power XL Flavor Infusion Technology 6-Quart is not to be missed. It is most notable products on the market today with extremely powerful features to meet the needs of people who use a pressure cooker. This model has two stainless steel burners and can be folded when not in use, so it helps you save a lot of space. In addition, it is also durable and easy to clean.

Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

Rice Cooker and Food Steamer ImageWhen cooking indoors using an electric pressure cooker, you’d want your grill to provide you with all the conveniences you need – lots of room on the grate, space to work and place your tools on, features that make cooking on the grill easier. Of course, it goes without saying that the grill should cook your food perfectly as well in the quickest time possible. Does the Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer fit the bill?

Instant Pot IP-LUX50 6-in-1 5.28qt Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot IP-LUX50 6-in-1 5.28qt image

The stainless steel pot inside the cooker is great choice for the amount of wear and tear that pressure cooker will be experiencing especially if you cook a lot. Stainless steel doesn’t peel off and most people do not want dangerous chemicals getting into their food. As stated earlier, we cooked a lot of different dishes over several weeks and this pot continued to hold up very well. Nothing on this pressure cooker broke or malfunctioned.

Slow cooked pasta sauces, meat and soups performed above average cooking faster than I expected without losing the flavor. Some people complained in their electric pressure cooker reviews that they had issues with this but I did not. The rice also came out above average but you do have to be careful to not leave it on the warm setting for too long because the rice can dry out rather quickly. I recommend adding some more water or serving the rice right after it is finished. I expected my pork chops or beef stew to scorch the pan but that did not happen on the ‘more’ setting.

HABA Only Supermarket Non Food Winner In 2013

Health and beauty aids was the only which shoppers purchased more at the supermarket in 2013 than they did in 2014. Physical movement increased 1.1% between 2014 and 2013 and was up 2.6% from 2012. Dollar sales were up 2.7% from 2014 to $12.4 billion, as the HABA category accounted for 27.4% of supermarket non-food sales. Vitamins and antacids posted some of the largest sales and volume gains in the category.

food sales
Sales for the entire non-foods category increased 1.3% in 2013 to $45.2 billion, while physical volume slipped 1.9%, according to Food Institute analysis of Information Resources Inc. InfoScan Data.

The steep price increases implemented on all types of paper products, from newsprint to corrugated cardboard, were also present on the supermarket shelves. Total sales of paper products increased 7.5% to $8.5 billion in 2013, however, volume fell 3.0%. The average unit price increased 13.3% between 2014 and 2013. Paper products represent about 18.8% of supermarket non-food sales. Sales of both toilet tissue and paper towels were up, but volume declined for both products.

Supermarket shoppers purchased $6.8 billion of cleaning products and supplies, just 0.8% less than in 2013, but 4.5% less than in 2012. The physical volume checked out was down 0.1% between 2014 and 2013 and down 3.6% from 2012. The category accounts for 15.0% of non-food sales.

Concerns about the dangers of smoking are taking their toll on supermarket tobacco sales, which were down 2.3% from 2014 and off 12.9% from 2012. Physical movement was off 2.9% from 2014 and down 8.1% from 2012. The $6.2 billion in 2013 tobacco product sales represent 13.7% of non-food purchases.

The growth of the “pet superstore” did not have as large an affect on pet supply supermarket sales as was expected. Both dollar sales and physical volume were down about 1.0% from 2014, while dollar sales were down 0.7% from 2012 and physical movement [TABULAR DATA OMITTED] was off 1.5% from 2012. Both dog and cat food sales (the third and sixth largest non-food sales items, respectively) were down compared to 2014. Total sales of pet supplies were just under $5.6 billion in 2013, or 12.4% of the non-food category.

Non-Food Sales Gainers 2013 Sales(Millions) Sales Increased By Volume Increased By
Water Filters $12.3 58.3% 56.9%
Breath Freshener Sprays/Drops $10.9 33.3% 36.9%
Antacids $368.8 18.7% 7.3
Hair Coloring $164.1 16.6% 10.9%
Water Softeners/Treatments $31.4 14.3% 10.6%
Adult Incontinence $ 91.5 10.5% 16.9%
Cups & Plates $1035.7 13.6% -0.1%
Weight Loss/Protein Supplement $ 332.1 13% -14.5%
Cold Allergy Liquids $190.9 11.2% 10.3%
Vitamins $474.6 11.0% 7.6%
Misc. Hair Care Prods $11.3 10.9% 12.1%
Shaving Cream $110.7 10.6% 4.9
Foil Pans $153.0 10.1% 0.8%
Paper Towels $1,565.4 9.6% 1.6%
Paper Napkins $399.8 8.3% -5.0%
Adult Incontinence $126.6 8.3% 5.3%
Cough Syrup $63.3 7.6% 3.3%
Misc. Health Treatments $16.0 7.5% -5.3%
Food & Trash Bags $1,379.3 7.3% -2.5%
Razors $418.3 7.2% -0.3%

The popularity of discount stores had a large effect on auto supply sales, where category sales fell 12.1% in 2013, while dollar sales declined 3.6% from 2014 to $166 million. While the percentage drop in movement was the largest of the non-food categories, it is the smallest category in terms of dollar sales, contributing less than 1% of total non-food sales.

Non-Food Sales Decliners 2013 Sales(Millions) Sales Decreased By Volume Decreased By
Anti-Smoking Products $7.7 -15.8% -23.2%
Household Cleaning Cloths $7.0 -14.4% -16.2%
Home Penn Kits $310.2 10.2% 9.1%
Starch $61.7 -8.3% -8.8%
Diapers $2,060.4 -7.3% -6.0%
Motor Oil $62.5 21.5% 10.2%
Rug/Upholstery Cleaner $69.9 -7.2% -9.8%
Hair Spray $245.8 -6.9% -8.9%
Cold Allergy Liquids $201.4 -6.6% -8.0%
Hosiery $357.0 -6.4% -11.5%
Household Lubricants $4.6 -6.0% -5.9%
Furniture Polish $130.5 -4.7% -6.8%
Sanitary Napkins/Tampons $840.3 -4.6% -3.0%
Shaving Lotion/Men’s Fragrance $62.2 -3.7% -4.5%
Cigarettes $5,688.6 -2.8% -4.3%
Household Cleaners $1,532.8 -2.5% -5.8%
Women’s Fragrances $64.2 -2.1 -6.3%
Cat Food $1,880.7 -2.0% -2.0%
Auto Fluids/Anti-freeze $73.1 -2.0% -14.4%
Air Fresheners $338.9 -1.9% -2.4%


Merger Activity At Seven-Year High In 2014

Food Institute

With a total of 529 mergers and acquisitions tracked by the , 2014 marked the fourth straight year this tally has increased. The total was just 1.3% higher than the 522 recorded last year and the highest total since 2012’s 556 transactions. As expected, declines in some industry categories were offset by increases in others.

Activity among brewers, dairy processors, foodservice vendors, hotels/motels, nonfood marketers, poultry processors, restaurants, , and snack food manufacturers all increased last year. Agricultural cooperatives, bakers, brokers, food processors, meat processors, retailers, and wholesalers, all declined during the same period.

Food Processing

The most active segment was once again food processing even though divestiture activity was actually down 9% from 2013 to a total of 96. Among the deals completed in this segment:

ConAgra’s purchase of Van Camp’s beans and Wolf’s Brand chili from Quaker Oats and Dean Foods’ purchase of frozen vegetable processor Norcal Crosetti Foods. ConAgra also purchased Knot’s Berry Foods last year and the Mogen David trademark. Dean Foods made three other acquisitions as well. Another firm that popped up quite often was H.J. Heinz which purchased two food operations in Eastern Europe and the pet food business of Quaker Oats.

Foodservice Operations

Restaurant and foodservice operations was the second most active area, with a record-high 78 transactions recorded – seven more than in 2013 and 21 more than in 2012. While there were no blockbuster deals in the foodservice segment last year, there was significant interest in two specific restaurant concepts – bagel shops and coffee bars. Mergers involving the purchase of five bagel operations as well as five coffee bars were tallied. In addition, one coffee bar operator, Starbucks of Seattle, WA, purchased a stake in a 20-unit bagel chain – New York Bagels Inc.

Food Supermarkets

On the retail side of the business, activity was down among supermarkets and convenience stores. Even so, some significant deals closed last year: Yucaipa Cos. purchased Ralphs Supermarkets Inc. in a $1.5 billion deal as well as Dominick’s Finer Foods of Chicago for $749 million; Boston’s Stop & Shop Cos. bought New York’s MelMarkets chain of 17 Foodtown stores and Purity Supreme’s 55 supermarkets & 66 convenience stores. Meanwhile, Maine’s Hannaford Bros. leapfrogged into the Southeast, purchasing eight supermarkets from Farm Fresh Inc., from which it plans to expand further.

Food Businesses

Among wholesalers’ Richfood Holdings purchased Norfolk, VA-based Camelia Food Stores and Harrisburg, PA’s Super, Rite Foods; and Fleming expanded in Arizona via its takeover of the 71-unit ABCO Markets, Inc.

Which was the most active company as far as merger and acquisitions are concerned? Omaha, NE-based ConAgra, Inc. is the winner here, purchasing a total of six food-related businesses last year while selling off four operations for a total of ten transactions. New York’s Philip Morris Cos. was second, with a total of six, selling three as well as buying three food businesses last year.

The complete report will be available shortly from the Food Institute for $195 for members and $390 for nonmembers. For details, see the advertisement below.

Processors Trying To Stop Frozen Vegetable Confusion


Certain categories of the frozen vegetable market are showing growth, but confusion over scanner data and the best placement of various items continues. “Frozen vegetables hit almost every major trend,” according to Marti Morfitt, vice president of Pillsbury’s Green Giant brands. “They’re convenient, they make it easier to eat healthy and they address the continuing decline in consumer cooking skills,” Ms. Morfitt told Frozen Food Age (January).

However, consumer focus groups say that the frozen vegetable section is confusing, with a lot of choices. Consumers fall into two basic groups: premium branded shoppers and those who prefer nonpremium and private label and there is very little crossover between these groups, according to an A.C. Nielsen market structure study.

Meal starters, which have been quickly gaining popularity, are viewed as a different category from frozen vegetables by focus groups. Green Giant has had some success by putting its Create-a-Meal starters in spot freezers next to refrigerated meats. A major Southeastern retailer promoted Dean Foods’ Birds Eye cob corn using a spot freezer from Superfridge, an in-store merchandiser based in Guilford, CT and sold 11 times as many cases as the chain had averaged on a weekly basis over the rest of the year, according to Frozen Food Age.

There is also some confusion in the industry due to category definitions from third party data providers. “For example, Pasta Accents are not really side dishes, despite what data providers might say. That’s $75 million worth of growth for the vegetable category that just disappears from the numbers,” says David Webber, vice president of branded sale and marketing for Dean Foods Vegetable Company.

The following is how Dean Foods breaks out the dollar market share for the 52 weeks ending Oct. 22, 2014:

  • Polybag blends, 28.5%, up from 28.1% a year ago. This segment includes Pasta Accents, Recipe Secrets, Combos, rice blends, vegetable mixes for soup or stew, premium blends (Farm Fresh, American Mixtures, International, Stir Fry, etc.).
  • Meal starters, 5.7%, up from 2.9% a year ago. This segment includes Easy Recipe, Create-a-Meal, Hanover Chinese Classics, but no products with meat already added.
  • Polybag plain, 27.3%, down from 28.1% a year earlier.
  • Boxed sauced, 7.8% share, down from 8.7%. This segment includes boxed vegetables that are blended or creamed with sauce or butter.
  • Other categories include boxed plain, 13.2% down from 14.2%, Southern vegetables, 9.6% share, down from 9.8% and corn-on-the-cob 7.8% down from 8.2% last year.

Mr. Webber would prefer that scan data be organized in this fashion, so that it would more closely match consumer shopping habits. Dean Foods’ consumer research indicates that shoppers are grouped bag vs. box, brand vs. private label and they substitute one vegetable for another. “They want to see brand blocks – Birds Eye, Green Giant and private label – and they want bags separated from boxes, plain vegetables separated from sauced and all blends in the same grab area,” Mr. Webber told Frozen Food Age.


Pepsi’s Snack Foods Go Global

Assorted Junk FoodThe global market is the target and taking aim at this $17 billion prize is PepsiCo Foods International, which announced recently a series of marketing and operations moves designed to create one of the largest global food brands, reports The Wall Street Journal

The changes include everything from new packaging and ad campaigns for Lay’s potato chips to an overhaul in manufacturing techniques and higher quality standards for all the company’s products sold abroad. While snacks haven’t generated nearly the same excitement overseas as PepsiCo’s soft drinks or , the snack business brings in more than $9.25 billion in sales.

Unlike the soft-drink and restaurant business, PepsiCo has less competition in snacks overseas. But foreigners also don’t eat the amount of snacks as do consumers in the United States, where Americans eat more than 20 lbs. of salty snacks a year – eight times the world average. When overseas snackers do partake, they tend to choose more local fare, such as Asian “pellet” snacks, which are processed chunks of corn or wheat.

The key to the project’s success is the good old potato chip. Interviews with over 100,000 consumers in more than 30 countries last year revealed that potato chips were far and away the most popular snack, with a worldwide market of $4 billion.

To capitalize on the demand, PepsiCo is lashing together its dozens of company-owned brands of chips – now sold under different names – and marketing them abroad all under a more uniform Lay’s logo. The company plans to more than double ad spending to some $50 million to market the brand overseas.

It is also overhauling it’s manufacturing and distribution operations. Overseas growth has mainly come from buying it’s foreign competitors or entering into joint ventures, which has given PepsiCo Foods an entree into new markets but made product quality unpredictable. This has resulted in chips that were sometimes too thick or too thin or overcooked or, occasionally made with low-grade oil or damaged potatoes.

The company now insists on quality standards similar to those used by sister company Frito-Lay in the U.S. It has installed new equipment to handle potatoes more gently and trained staff to better monitor slicing and cooking. Having a unified brand also allows the company to buy raw materials in bulk which will cut costs more than $200 million a year when combined with other new efficiencies.