Top 4 Pressure Cookers You Must Check

Electric pressure cooker offers a world of convenience to any cooking enthusiast. Just imagine it. You can take them anywhere, so you can easily enjoy your favorite burgers and barbecues in kitchen, as well as on tailgating and block parties. Digital Rice Cooker is generally small enough to move easily around your deck or patio to a well-ventilated corner of your kitchen if you want grilled food all year-round. The compact make of these pressure cooker usually mean you can store them away without any difficulty when you’re not using them. And, most importantly, these pressure cookers can cook well despite their size and relatively limited power.

West Bend 6-Quart Stainless Pressure Cooker

West Bend 6-Quart Stainless Pressure Cooker Image

Power, versatility, multi-functionality, everything can be found within this powerful and unique pressure cooker. If you look at it point by point, there are a lot of patented features that can only be found within this device which are also the ones that caused this to rise in the market. All of these features will work exceptionally, and it should, as this doesn’t come with a cheap price.

It is installed with the usual stuff that you will find in most pressure cooker in the market like its individual burner control for its 3 burner platform. A mounted temperature gauge is also present which monitors the temperature inside the pressure cooker. Generally, it works nearly the same as most pressure cooker you can find but with the addition of features that makes this unique and stand out from most of the products in the market.

One of which is its , a simple concept which solves most of the problems of your average pressure cooker. These are simply triangulated heat propagating bars placed just above the burners of the pressure cooker. Moreover, it rather vaporizes these grease drippings turning them into its gas state to soak them back to your products, thus not wasting any flavor. The innovative design that solves grease problems guarantees to prevent clogging of burners for long term use without the need of repair or continuous maintenance for lesser expenses and non-stop and uninterrupted performance.

Power XL Flavor Infusion Technology 6-Quart

XL Flavor Infusion Technology 6-Quart ImageIf you’re looking for the , Power XL Flavor Infusion Technology 6-Quart is not to be missed. It is most notable products on the market today with extremely powerful features to meet the needs of people who use a pressure cooker. This model has two stainless steel burners and can be folded when not in use, so it helps you save a lot of space. In addition, it is also durable and easy to clean.

Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

Rice Cooker and Food Steamer ImageWhen cooking indoors using an electric pressure cooker, you’d want your grill to provide you with all the conveniences you need – lots of room on the grate, space to work and place your tools on, features that make cooking on the grill easier. Of course, it goes without saying that the grill should cook your food perfectly as well in the quickest time possible. Does the Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer fit the bill?

Instant Pot IP-LUX50 6-in-1 5.28qt Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot IP-LUX50 6-in-1 5.28qt image

The stainless steel pot inside the cooker is great choice for the amount of wear and tear that pressure cooker will be experiencing especially if you cook a lot. Stainless steel doesn’t peel off and most people do not want dangerous chemicals getting into their food. As stated earlier, we cooked a lot of different dishes over several weeks and this pot continued to hold up very well. Nothing on this pressure cooker broke or malfunctioned.

Slow cooked pasta sauces, meat and soups performed above average cooking faster than I expected without losing the flavor. Some people complained in their electric pressure cooker reviews that they had issues with this but I did not. The rice also came out above average but you do have to be careful to not leave it on the warm setting for too long because the rice can dry out rather quickly. I recommend adding some more water or serving the rice right after it is finished. I expected my pork chops or beef stew to scorch the pan but that did not happen on the ‘more’ setting.