Wilderness TRUCK Camping

Preparing Your 4×4 Backpack

WHEN MAN FIRST SET FOOT ON TERRA FIRMA, he was a camper (not by choice), living in the great outdoors. Ancient civilizations also existed in harmony alongside nature, with very little in terms of luxuries. Only recently has technology given us heat, air-conditioning, electricity, and all the other amenities of the 20th century.

With the plushness of present-day living, still we lust to get back to the great outdoors. Something about camping in the wilds and hunting or fishing for one’s dinner satisfies an ancient desire that dwells deep within us.

Most of us also remember our early excursions into the backcountry. Helping Dad set up the 50-pound canvas tent usually took up the better part of the afternoon and involved lots of colorful language. Hoping that the lantern didn’t explode and burn the tent down made the night go by faster.

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Those days are all part of the past. The technology that we try to escape by running to the woods has finally filtered down to the world of camping, giving us gear that is easier than ever to use. The popularity of the four-wheel-drive truck and sport/utility vehicle has also encouraged the camping world to make products for these vehicles.

Gimme Shelter!

The first task when venturing out into the boonies is finding shelter. In the old days, you had two options: the cab of your pickup or the bed, neither of which provided much in terms of comfort. Today, pickups and SUVs are top sellers, and most are used for recreational purposes. It’s no wonder that there is now a host of options available for the truck-based camper.

When deciding what type of shelter to use, the most important factor is how much nature you want to experience. For some of us, roughing it involves little more than a sleeping bag and a tent, while other a require a 40-foot RV. Camping out of the beck of your truck or SUV will never provide all the comforts of an RV, but it will keep you out of the elements. Let’s look at the options.

What to Do Before You Go

OK, all the gear is packed and you have triple-checked to make sure that nothing was forgotten. So what else should you do before you go? Well, does someone know where you are going to be? Does your spare tire hold air, and is it the right size? While questions like these seem basic, they are often overlooked in the hurry to get outdoors. Knowing the answers to questions like these will help to make your journey into the bush a pleasant one.

Before leaving the driveway or getting too far from help, all fluid levels should be checked. Also, make sure to pack spare fluids. Look over your vehicle carefully for anything that might be mechanically suspect. If something looks questionable, do not go!

Always inform someone where you are going and when you plan to return. Draw a detailed map to your campsite. If you should have any problems, this makes search-and-rescue efforts much easier.

Make sure that the spare on your vehicle is in good shape. Many new trucks and SUVs also use a crank system to lower the spare from underneath the vehicle. These systems need to be inspected to make sure they still operate and are not clogged with mud or rusted shut. If you have a lock on your spare, make sure to take the key.

Whenever possible, travel with another vehicle. Using the buddy system will definitely help if one vehicle becomes stuck or encounters mechanical problems.

What to Bring?

It may sound like a simple question, but we have seen lots of people come ill-prepared for the wilderness. Some of us have lost our connection to our outdoor ancestors and have simply forgotten how to prepare for an excursion in the wild. Most of us can get the basics like food and shelter taken care of, but what else should be taken? Mother Nature is highly unpredictable, so one should always be prepared for the worst. Relying on a vehicle to get you to desolation and back also means extra equipment.

Don’t always trust the weatherman. Freak storms do happen, and can lead to an early grave for the unprepared. Always pack some warm clothing and extra blankets just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.

A GPS unit, such as this in-vehicle system from Alpine, should be considered mandatory equipment. Getting lost and losing one’s bearings in the middle of nowhere can be deadly. If you plan to stray far from camp on foot, a handheld unit would be a good idea.

Spare parts are always a must when traveling Into the backcountry. At the very least you should have a spare tire, hoses, and belts for your vehicle. The more spare parts the better, but don’t waste space by packing useless items, such as a spare glovebox. Offroad racers pack pit boxes (basically storage containers) with every spare part available and then throw these in the back of their vehicles.

One often-overlooked item is a well-equipped first-aid kit. It can literally be a lifesaver when something goes wrong far from help. People with medical conditions-such as allergies or asthma-should always bring plenty of medicine.

Recovery equipment is also a must. A shovel, a jack, and a tow strap should be considered the bare minimum. If you are straying far from civilization by yourself, consider adding a winch to your vehicle.

The Sportz Truck Tent is cool because it is designed for the bed of your truck. It also sets up easily and keeps you out of reach of earthbound critters and snakes. In a compact shortbed, it is a little cozy for two inhabitants.

Bed shells have been around for a long time and make a decent shelter. The only downside is that all the gear stored in the bed must be moved and put somewhere else in order to sleep in the bed.

Pop-up tent trailers are a good choice for owners of smaller vehicles, such as Jeeps, with little room for tents and such. A trailer that is designed to go off-road, such as this Back Country U.S.A. model, is a plus.

Sport/utility owners can also enjoy the great outdoors. Two common styles of best camping tents for these vehicles are the roof tent (cabin tent) and the cargo-bay extender. The roof tent makes it possible to store all your gear inside the vehicle while sleeping on the roof. The cargo-bay extender allows you to sleep in the back of your SUV with the tailgate down without being exposed to the elements.

If you absolutely must bring some of the luxuries of home with you, a camper is the way to go. The drawback to a camper is the extra weight up high, which makes a vehicle top-heavy and limits exploration.

Power Golf The simple Way

Power golf is really a game not many golfers may play. The reason by which is power golf requires a certain degree of golf particular strength as well as flexibility. There tend to be requirements that need to be in spot to maximize your own power as well as golf generating distance.
It’s less easy as obtaining the ‘latest-greatest’ car owner at $500. It’s not really buying Titlist ProV1’s from $45 an instance. It’s not really taking much more lessons (even though swing mechanics are extremely important).

Leupold gx-1i digital rangefinder

The solution is enhanced strength as well as flexibility from the rotational standpoint in your own core to play an electrical golf game. Moreover there is a little relation between the best golf rangefinder and power golf.
The swing action is the turn (turn back) along with a turn (turn through). If you will find limitations which don’t permit you to rotate back again fully as well as store which torque (power), then you won’t ever play an electrical golf online game. I detest seeming harsh; however it’s the actual truth plain-and-simple.

Do a person currently seem like you may make a complete backswing along with max torque inside your core region? I imply a 90+ level shoulder change with simply a forty five degree stylish turn…and along with both heels on the floor?


If a person can’t do you believe hitting much more balls may be the answer? Or even taking much more lessons? I really hope not! It’s about moving away from the program and performing some easy golf workouts and extends that won’t actually take 20 min’s to do…a few times per week.

No fitness center! No extravagant equipment! Just do easy exercises in your house with minimum equipment. You don’t need to get overwhelmed considering it’s the gut-busting, exhausted workout.

Although when you receive a flavor of exactly what being ‘fit’ seems like its nearly addicting. It’s such as the ‘runners high’. You begin looking a small better but getting more power. Now you are experiencing less pains and aches. And on top of that! You’re eliminating the golf ball long as well as straight!

Every exercise you need to do to produce a power round of golf should be centered on core rotational workouts. It’s simple! Get inside your golf position and grab just one or even bag associated with sugar. Now help to make partial swings staying inside your posture with regard to 20-30 shifts. There’s one easy and easy-to-implement rotational physical exercise.
I’ll bet you are able to handle those certain.

How bad would you like to play “power golfing?” Exactly how bad would you like to be the actual ‘last golfer’ hitting your 2nd shot to the green? How bad would you like all your own golfing buddies to stay the pros hop following the round referring to one of the LONG hard disks? Start applying exercises such as the above instance and you’re 1 step nearer to playing energy golf! For more details read the and you may learn a lot about power golf.

Where to Look for the Right Weed Eater Parts

In the event where your weed eater breaks down and requires a new part, you don’t necessarily have to buy a new unit. In fact, you can find several places where you can buy parts which often come in very affordable prices depending on which part requires a replacement. Buying replacement parts for your weed eater will allow you to save a lot more cash compared to buying a brand new unit. Other than that, it allows you to get the most out of your weed eating machine.

You can find several places which sell new parts for your weed eater. Typically, the most obvious place which you should start looking for is the retail store from where you purchased your unit, or the manufacturer themselves. However, there are some cases wherein they can offer you a limited selection of parts for your weed eater. With that, it is advisable to take a look at these choices first.

eReplacementParts.com – This is an online store which is dedicated toselling various parts and products for . This site basically offers a lot of advantages for the shoppers. eReplacement is simply one of the best places online if you are to look for new parts for your weed eater.

Amazon – Amazon is without doubt the largest online retailer, and you can find most of the items which you need for your weed eater right in this site. Other than that, they even include those retailers whom they have worked with which might have the parts you’re looking for at very affordable prices.

Sears - Sears have already expanded their services to online stores, making it a lot easier for you to choose the right parts for your weed eater. They offer very competitive prices, but you can surely find most of the parts you need. If you are looking for a store which you can surely rely on, then Sears is certainly the one you should consider.

Home Depot - Home Depot might not be the best place to look for weed eater parts, but they are a very popular retail store which offer the weed eater product and might have the parts you are looking for. They have excellent service and you can even ship your parts over in case you have one within your neighborhood.

What weed eater parts you should buy

The next thing you should consider is whether you should buy or used ones. New parts are always preferable than a used part as it is much farther away from breaking down. Meanwhile, used parts are already exposed to wear and tear and might even have faults which you can’t notice until buying and installing it on your machine. What’s even worse is that if a moving part malfunctions, it could only cause further damage to your weed eater, or perhaps put you at risk. When it comes to parts replacement, make sure you get new ones to ensure maximum safety and performance.

How to Get The Gear For Fishing

Obtain a fishing license:

If you want to save money and you are not planning to fish all the season, you can choose to get the permit of short term and vice versa.

You should check the legislation in the states of your choice because many states allow the kids whose age under 16 to fish without a license.

It’s advisable to always ask the Department of Natural resources in the place for the permission in the days of free fishing when anyone can fish without a licence.

Choose the rod and reel:


Based on your economic condition, you should purchase the suitable fishing reel and the fact is that you don’t need a very expensive one to enjoy fishing. If you fish for the first time, you should ask for help from some experienced people and the owner of the fishing shop.

For ones that just start to fish at the fist time, a pole of medium length is most suitable. About the rod, the weight of it must make your arm comfortable even fishing for hours. Some good experience is that you should choose the quite loose rod if you are a beginner because it’s more flexible, less probability of breaking the line and strong enough for catching medium-sized fish.

You should choose a fishing reel between the two most common ones, the spinning reels and the baitcasting reels, whether it spool vertically or perpendicularly when you hold. For the beginners, choosing a best spinning reel is advisable because it’s easier to deal with and diverse with several models available, both closed and open varieties. For the beginner, closed varieties is the best.

Choose the suitable line and hook:

If you want to increase the chance of biting of the fish, you should choose the small hook and line. The kind of the line must be appropriate to the kind of pole. If the pole is rigid, the line must be strong tested and vice versa.

The kind of fish that you intend to catch will determine the type of hooks you should use. The fishing shop that supply you the equipment will tell you the best advice, so don’t hesitate to ask.

A small line and hook can be difficult for you to make a knot. If so, ask the owner of the shop for help and the experience to do the job.

Choose the right bait for the kind of fish:


There are several kinds of baits for you to choose, whether synthetic or live baits that you can purchase at fishing shops here and there or you can make it yourself. For example, you can find such live baits as cheese, worms, grasshoppers, bacon, shrimp,etc. You should imitate the natural environment of the bait for keeping it fresh as long as possible.

Prepare the container for keeping fish:


Don’t forget to prepare a bucket , basket, a bag or something like that to contain the fish you earn whiling continuing to fish.