Emile Henry – Best Ceramic Cookware

Emile Henry ceramic cookware

Tradition and origin of the ceramic cookware Emile Henry

The kitchen cookware sets are made through the raw material remains on the Earth, in the ancestral tradition of potters. Adding technology is only for optimizing the product quality. This has improved the strength of the product compared to thermal and mechanical shock.
For over 150 years, the Burgundy pottery manufactures a wide variety of products.
In 2002, the company is recognized international standard guaranteeing a high level of quality and professionalism.
In 2005, and after several years of research, the first casseroles are launched. They are manufactured with the revolutionary ceramic supporting sources of intense heat.

The advantages of ceramic cookware Emile Henry

advantages of ceramic cookware Emile Henry
Ceramic cookware Emile Henry guarantees healthy cooking and quality.
• The ceramic range fits all types of fires, whether ceramic hobs, electric or gas.
The cookware also offers the possibility of cooking in the microwave oven or traditional
• Ceramic kitchen cookware is durable and easy to use. They do not scratch and also highly resistant to thermal shock and mechanical as the transition from freezer to oven. Easy to clean, they resist the dishwasher
• Practical and effective, ceramic products are 30% lighter than cast iron, could therefore easy to handle. Similarly, the ceramic keeps the heat of a flat 30% from melting due to its thermo-diffuser bottom.
Cooking is fresh and consistent with the refractory material.
• After studying the various kitchen cookwares, ceramic cookware stands out as a very healthy range for consumer health.
• Emile Henry brand has several best ceramic cookware sets which not only saves you money, but also makes you kitchen look more elegant.

Food safety with ceramic cookware

The Emile Henry cookware received certification through the California food compatibility test.

This range of cookware is developed to prevent metallization food .According to the French company; ceramic cookware includes 1,000 times less emissions of cadmium the limit authorized by the California standard and 100 times less lead.

So they emit a very small amount of lead and cadmium.

According Françoise Cambayrac analysis, ceramic cookware releases 15 times less Nickel in foods that for example aluminum pan, but also 4 times less Camium, 10 times less aluminum and almost 16 times less lead .This allows food not to be plated, and the consumer does not interfere despite her negative metal to the body.

Ceramic cookware is used to eat healthy

The ceramic cookware offers the possibility of a more balanced diet.

Moreover, they allow a slow and uniform heat distribution to the food and retain their flavor and color after cooking.

Through cooking with ceramic cookware, fruits and cooked vegetables are not oxidized. This preservation of antioxidants helps the body fight against aging and therefore the decline of the body.

It is not about the price, it is about your health, though the price of ceramic cookware is higher than any other cookware, in general, it is still worth a pay because of the out-standing advantages.