How to Choose a Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

Currently with the increasing in the numbers of types of the guitar, it’s so difficult for a beginner to choose an appropriate guitar at a low price and good quality. This is one of the concerning questions of many people. And to help to solve the above problem we would like to guide you how to buy a .

The first thing you should know is that the type of guitar depends entirely on your budget. The acoustic guitar has a lot of different prices, ranging from a few dozen dollar to several hundred dollar or even thousands dollar. If you’re a beginner, the guitar with a price under 100$ is good for you.

For starters, Acoustic Guitar price should range from 50$ to 150$ coming with basic accessories such as bags, keys, strings, tuner….

If you have a bigger budget, you can consider higher price Guitar models. These types of Guitar have the lowest price is usually $80. Avoid buying a guitar having too low price, faulty or has been repaired.

Compare prices and quality of the guitar?

As you know, the money that you spend on the guitar will always proportional to the quality of the guitar (except for a few special cases) Therefore, if you choose the higher-priced guitar you also need to know clearly you’re spending money on which things?

Which parts of an Acoustic Guitar should be checked for its quality?


Tonewoods significantly affect the price of the guitar. This is significantly true for high-priced Guitar (the better wood’s quality is, the better the sound’s quality is). Unlike the electrical guitar, the acoustic guitar’s sound heavily depends on the wood’s quality and luthier’s workmanship.

The back is the decisive factor of sound of the guitar, the back is often grafted by 2 or 3 pieces of wood of the same type or 3 pieces of wood of two different kinds of wood. The sound of the herd will be the sound mix of both types of wood. In that case, the sound of the guitar is the mix of the sound created by two types. Particularly for pressed wood which does not resonate well, but is very favourable for areas in which climate varies with high level of humidity.

In addition, the wood which is used to make parts of the soundboard or “top” usually affects a certain tone of the guitar. This is the piece of wood on the front of the guitar. The Soundboard is the main part resonates because it is the part which is attached directly to the wire through the bridge. You need to pay high attention to the quality of wood at this position to get a good acoustic guitar.

Tuning pegs

These parts are posts to help adjust strings of the Guitar. Raising or lowering the pitch depends on the high or low altitude changed by rotating the posts. Turning pegs are important parts that you need to checking to gain a good acoustic guitar. This part should be flexible, not too slippery, but absolutely not jammed, stiff or hard to adjust.


The neck often made by hardwood to help bear the tension of the strings. Depending on the wood type of neck, the sound of the guitar may be different. you should carefully check to ensure the neck is not bent.


The types of wood of the fretboard are usually made of hardwood. On the fretboard surface are metal bars helping separate the frets. Materials for the fretboard do not affect the sound of acoustic guitar, but that affects the aesthetics and durability. There for this is the important part that you need to double check to gain a best quality acoustic guitar.


helps keep the strings attached firmly to the body of the guitar. When strings strummed, vibrations are created along the neck of the guitar from the bridge to the head. There are various types of bridge: plastic, wood, horn, bone. Therefore, high-priced guitar would have a bridge made of horn or bone. The most of low-priced guitars have a bridge made of plastic or wood.

Luthier’s workmanship

Besides design quality, the skills of luthiers are also important factors deciding the cost of a guitar. This is one indispensable factor in the process making a guitar. If you have a bunch of good timber, with a skilled luthier… but the toolset of the luthier is not enough, then you can only have a guitar at the medium quality. Therefore along with high qualified luthiers, good technology will create a best acoustic guitar.

Which price of an acoustic guitar is best appropriate for beginners?

As mentioned at the beginning, you can find various different types of guitar with the cost ranging from $50 to $1000, but the most important thing is the quality of wood creating the guitar and skilled luthiers.

If you’re not sure, you should not be risky to spend a lot of money on a famous brand. Guitar with price ranging from $ 50 to $100 is a good choice for beginners.

Here are our overview on how to buy a best acoustic guitar for beginners. Hope that through this post players can find out the way to choose the best acoustic guitar for themselves.