How to Deal With Small Living Room

We all know that there are many things that we want but we can’t get. Maybe it’s the you can find on the Internet but you can’t afford, or a cute little pet from the pet shop near your house. You just really love it but don’t have enough time or money for it. So does your house. I know that everyone loves a big house with perfect design and condition. But life is not easy for everyone. Someone just have enough money to buy a little house with small rooms, and of course, they are not happy at all. I can’t show you how to make your room bigger immediately, but I know how to handle with a small living room by some tips and tricks below. Trust me; you can save time and money to do anything else you want after reading this.

  1. Try to use the light as much as you can

Utilize the light from as many sources as you can to help the room seem bigger than it actually does. You should choose the white or light colors sources. Besides, you can decorate the window as simple as possible so that it won’t prevent the light from outside the house.

For example, the high window from the ceiling to the floor with the curtains on both sides help the light from outside the room can get it more effectively. Moreover, the theme of the room is the combination of white and light blue that reflex the light effectively. The light usage is one of the most effective methods for the room size illusion.

  1. Using multi-functional furniture

You can use many that can be the replacement for other stuffs, so that you don’t have to put to many objects into a small and narrow place. For example, if your living room floor doesn’t large, you can use a small table with chairs that can used for 3 purposes: dining room, working room and living room. Or you can use some table with drawer underneath to be an additional place to keep other things.

  1. Using cushion chairs or bench instead of living room table.

You don’t have to use a table for your living room if it’s too large or the traffic in the room is interrupted. Instead, try using cushion chairs or long benches. These appliances are quite good in room decoration and also save the area inside your house. In addition, the benches and chairs have many styles for you to choose.

  1. Clear entrance for your room

One thing you would notice for sure if you want to improve the size of your living room is the way you arrange your entrance in your room and how to make your main area clear. If the entrance has many objects in its way, it would make your living room look small that it actually is.

  1. Using big mirror

It’s also an effective way for you to “cheat” about the size of living room. Basically, you can apply it for any room you want, from living room, bedroom to bathroom… A big mirror can decorate the living room for sure, and also help the room seems to be doubled in size.

In fact, large mirror can be used, but you have to make sure that the mirror is cleaned regularly. If the mirror is cover with dust, it would be a disaster for your room. Moreover, nothing can compare with a big dirty mirror in annoying guests. I’m sure that you don’t want your guests to see themselves in this mirror.

You can do more than just put the mirror on the wall. With the help of some designers, your small room could be a masterpiece thanks to some adjustments for some positive changes. You can do it on your own or have some advices from the experts. Just make sure that your living room is cleaned and tidied all the time so that it would not turn into a mess. No matter how big your living room is, you can still make it the best room in your house so far. Finally, if you want any additional furniture, visit our blog, we have all you need just right here!